"I have used November's products personally and with my clients as a natural hair stylist. It adds shine and moisture to twists and braids, and is great for sealing ends. It is a staple in my natural hair regimen and provides nutrients to my tresses every time I apply it."

-Adrienne Y.

"It's official: Shea Whip works great on white girls' hair too! My hair gets super-dry around the front and [the Shea Whip] helped! I've also been putting Shea Whip on my feet at night and they are looking good in my sandals!" 

-Tracy L.

YouTube Reviews!

"I received my package quickly and was excited to use the shea butter. I use the shea on multiple areas where I have historically had dry skin (elbows, legs, knees, feet to name a few). One of my biggest problem areas is feet (hey ladies who of us has not struggled trying to keep our feet looking nice?). Running a lot takes it toll on the feet, especially when they are trapped in running shoes or any shoes all day long. I used the shea butter the first night I received it and immediately felt relief on my feet and noticed improvement on the dry areas. It's been almost a week now and the improvements continue. One thing is for sure, a little goes a long way and you don't need to use much to experience benefits. November products are a keeper". 
- Renee D.
"I just used my Coconut Lime Verbena Shea Whip for the first time. I'm in love!!! :-) It smells wonderful, and my skin is glowing. It's thick, rich, not too greasy, and it feels like a million bucks. You have a loyal customer now. Thanks so much!" -Andrea B.
"I use November Shea Whip on my skin, primarily after shaving. It is smooth and nourishing with a fresh finish. I recommend it for anyone, especially for my bald brethren!"
- Manie R.
"I purchased my Shea Whip at the National Natural Hair Meetup Day on May 19. I tried it that same day and I love it!! My husband and daughter have even started using it. So it won't be long before I will be placing another order." 
- Lisa N.

My family is a true fan of the November line!  My favorite is the Shea Whip in Warm Vanilla & Sugar.  I use it daily to moisturize from head to toe. I also use it on my 6-year old son’s scarred up legs, knees, and elbows…it has worked wonders!  My daughter likes the Shea Whip in Coconut Lime Verbena and uses it on her hair and body. We also like the Moisture Intense; it doesn’t leave your skin oily and the eucalyptus is really refreshing. - Adonna T.

"Where have you been all of my life? :-) Seriously though, my sister attended a natural hair show in Greenville, SC and brought back a sample of your Shea Whip. OMG, I loved it. I did not know if it was for the hair, so I applied it to my body and all my Sahara desert skin converted to a soft, smooth and great smelling new organ. 

-Gayle W.

"What I really like about this [Shea Whip] is that it turns my parched curls soft, and it adds sheen to my hair... The smell of the product is mild which I love because I suffer from allergies. Shea Whip can also be used on the skin. My ashy ankles loved it." - Sandra R. on her blog forevermenaturally.wordpress.com

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